At StarTrak, we don't make radio spots. We design sound for radio. Every element is thoughtfully chosen and sculpted, with the goal of maintaining the attention of the listener. Using ISDN technology and an extensive casting database, we use voice talent, literally from around the globe - union or non-union. Our gear? Simply the best available, from vintage microphones to HD digital finishing systems. Custom or stock music are both available in every session, as there is an award-winning in-house composer on staff. SFX & sound design? A huge database. And for assets, including casting choices, music & SFX picks, and mixes, each client is given a secure, custom webpage for asset review & delivery.

    Zoe Takes Shore Leave at StarTrak

    Ok Trekkies, this was a cool session. The 'new' Uhura graced our studios for some last minute ADR this spring. We were privy to a few precious preview scenes prior to the theatrical release, and got to work with Zoe. Doesn't get much better.

  • TV

    Designing sound for TV broadcast is not for the faint of heart. From directing the VO to deliver the best mood for the spot, to designing the most effective music & sound design that won't step on the visual, sound for TV can be a challening task. And then mixing it, within the confines of the tiny dynamic range available in TV broadcast, demands experienced ears. That we have. We've been finishing TV spots for over 25 years, so we know just about every trick in the book. Beyond the extensive capabilities listed in radio production, each suite is also equipped with Final Cut Pro, so that quick visual adjustments are easily accomplished during a session, and laybacks or dubs are commonplace.

    It's a Gem of a New Day

    Gem was looking for a new visual and audio brand. We sweetened their offerings with a revised jingle, new announcer, as well a shooting and featuring the brothers in a TV spot announcing their "fresh" new look. Their phones have been off the hook!